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The Rolling Stones Exile On Mainstreet

Exile On Mainstreet is a hitless masterpiece. The Rolling Stones mythicaly exiled to France did drugs and recorded most of the
album in Keith Richards basement. Mick Jagger stated that he doesn’t care much for Exile saying he doesn’t understand it’s appeal. This may be because of the method in which it was created and the very large role Keith Richards had on it’s creation.

When people look back at the 20th century they might very well consider Exile Among the greatest of works along with 2001 a Space Odyssey and Ulysses.

Side one
1. “Rocks Off”
2. “Rip This Joint”
3. “Shake Your Hips”
4. “Casino Boogie”
5. “Tumbling Dice”
Side two
6. “Sweet Virginia”
7. “Torn and Frayed”
8. “Sweet Black Angel”
9. “Loving Cup”
Side three
10. “Happy”
11. “Turd on the Run”
12. “Ventilator Blues”
13. “I Just Want to See His Face”
14. “Let It Loose”
Side four
15. “All Down the Line”
16. “Stop Breaking Down”
17. “Shine a Light”
18. “Soul Survivor”