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Keith Moon is the Best Drummer of all time. Pete Townshend is the Best guitar player of all time. Tommy is the first Rock Opera and is a masterpiece. The album follows the story of a boy named Tommy who is withdrawn from reality because of murder he witnessed. He plays pinball and eventually because a rock messiah who is ultimately rejected. The music is great and is the inspiration from Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon.

Side one

1. “Overture”
2. “It’s a Boy”
3. “1921”
4. “Amazing Journey”
5. “Sparks”
6. “The Hawker”
Side two
1. “Christmas”
2. “Cousin Kevin”
3. “The Acid Queen”
4. “Underture”
Side three
1. “Do You Think It’s Alright?”
2. “Fiddle About”
3. “Pinball Wizard”
4. “There’s a Doctor”
5. “Go to the Mirror!”
6. “Tommy Can You Hear Me?”
7. “Smash the Mirror”
8. “Sensation”
Side four
1. “Miracle Cure”
2. “Sally Simpson”
3. “I’m Free”
4. “Welcome”
5. “Tommy’s Holiday Camp”
6. “We’re Not Gonna Take It”